How to Launch Your FM World Business

10 Things You Can Do To Launch Your FM World Business

In this guide, I’m going to show you tons of actionable things you can do to launch your FM World business.

But it’s going to take commitment on your part…

Take the words can’t and won’t and remove them from your vocabulary!

Replace them with the words can and will!

Reading this checklist is not enough – you have to actually implement the steps that are outlined within it.

If you dive in headfirst and implement all of these suggestions, it’ll be virtually impossible for you not to get sales.

Print it off if you can.

If not, save it to your bookmarks.

Use it as it’s intended to be used – as a to-do list.

And physically tick each item off your checklist as you complete each one.

You can do this and if you’re consistent and follow through with this checklist, you will grow your business and start driving regular sales.

How to Launch Your FM World Business
Item 1

Tell Your Family

It’s so simple, yet so many people don’t do it.

You’ve just launched a new business venture – shout about it from the rooftops!

Tell Your Family

If you have a close family unit, they’ll almost certainly support you and your new business.

Go and visit them.

Call them up.

Send them a text message.

However you decide to do it, tell them how excited you are about your new venture and how much you love the products.

Make sure you send them the perfume lists and product catalogues.

Ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

You’ll be surprised how many initial sales you can get by simply telling your family and asking them to try the amazing products.

Chances are they’ll keep coming back for more.

Item 2

Tell Your Friends

Sounds like an obvious next step, but again, it’s often overlooked.

Outside of your close family, your friends are going to be your biggest supporters.

Utilise them!

Tell Your Friends

Are you in a Facebook Messenger chat with your friends?

Maybe you’re in a WhatsApp group?

Whatever form it takes, get the message out there – literally.

Get in touch with every single one of your friends and tell them about your new venture.

Again, make sure you send them the perfume lists and product catalogues.

And again, ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

You’ll likely get even more sales from your biggest advocates – your friends!

Item 3

Tell Your Colleagues

After your friends and family, your current or ex-colleagues can be a great source of sales.

Their own networks span wider than your own personal circle of friends and family and they can therefore help your cast you net further, thus generating more customers.

Tell Your Colleagues

Do you work full-time?

Maybe you’re a part-time working mum?

Or, maybe you’re out of work, but still keep in touch with some of your old colleagues.

Regardless of your situation, identify the appropriate people within your work circle and get in touch.

Let them know that you can get them amazing fragrances that smell almost identical to their favourite designer brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

Tell them about FM World and their products, and that you’ve recently become a Business Partner for the company which gives you preferential pricing on the products, which you can pass on to them.

Send them the perfume lists and product catalogues.

Again, ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

As you may have guessed, there’s a common theme here and all it involves is talking to people you already know about your amazing new business and the incredible (affordable) products you offer.

Item 4

Tell Your Neighbours

Community is what drives local business growth.

People are loyal to their communities and love to support local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Use this sense of local support to help you grow your business.

Tell Your Neighbours

Telling your neighbours…

Sounds scary, I know!

But it’s really not.

This simply involves printing the perfume lists and/or catalogues – along with a business card or hand-written note – and posting it through the doors of people in your street, town or neighbourhood.

Simply explain (briefly) that you’re a local business and tell them about your business and the amazing products you offer.

Maybe even give a local or ‘community’ discount.

It’s so simple and can be so effective!

The personal touch helps people feel as though they’re helping a local entrepreneur and they get a great product at a great price in return.

As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about paying (or charging) postage, as local drop-offs are easily done.

If you’re the shy or reserved type, this can be a great way to get started, as there’s virtually no face-to-face communication or online promotion required.

The only people who will get back to you are those who are interested in your products and you can dictate (by the contact details you put on your message) how these people can contact you, e.g. via WhatsApp message, Facebook Messenger, etc.

If people do get in touch and want to know more, ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

Item 5

Tell Your Social Networks

Regardless of your platform of choice, social selling is a big deal.

It’s absolutely everywhere and it seems like everyone is doing it.

That’s because it works!

Tell Your Social Networks

Don’t feel embarrassed about promoting on social…

Haters don’t pay your bills – you do!

Officially launch your business across your social media accounts.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…

Even LinkedIn if you’re on there.

Let your social networks know that you’ve found a business opportunity you’re excited about and a range of products that you absolutely love.

Tell them a bit about FM World and why you’re starting this new venture, and shout about the products from the (social) rooftops.

Essentially, launch your business on social media by posting content about your business/brand and promote the products to your network.

Try to keep your promotional content to no more than 20% of the total content you do.

And be consistent!

When it comes to social – consistency is key!

If any of your connections engage with your content, reach out to them and (if they’re interested), send them the perfume lists and product catalogues.

Ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

Item 6

Create a Social Community

If communities are what drives business growth and social selling is where it’s at, then creating a social community is a must!

In a world where algorithms restrict our social reach to almost zero, communities – such as Facebook groups – are one of the last havens we have where we can reach our audiences for free.

Create a Social Community

Create a customer community on social media!

Whether it’s a Facebook page, a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group, they’re all ideal places to promote your products to people you know are interested in them.

You can offer exclusive community discounts, run events and competitions, and promote special offers.

Make being a member of your community exclusive, valuable, exciting and fun to members.

Keep your customer base engaged and remind them regularly that you’re still here, selling the same great perfumes at the same great prices.

Focus on growing your community with new members – even asking members to invite their own friends and family.

Post the perfume lists and product catalogues in your group so members can check them out and ask them if they’d like to try a bottle.

Item 7

Be Your Own First Customer

Smelling is selling and this is one of the oldest (and best) tricks in the books.

Let the quality of your products do the hard work for you!

Be Your Own First Customer

Treat yourself to your own bottle of FM perfume and keep it on hand wherever you go.

Leaving the house? Spray your perfume.

Jumping in a taxi? Spray your perfume.

Going into work? Spray your perfume.

Meeting friends for lunch? Spray your perfume.

Visiting family…

…Well, you get the picture.

One of the easiest ways to subtly sell your fragrances is to simply create a situation where people are able to smell them.

We’ve all been there, you walk into a room and someone comments on the fragrance you’re wearing or vice versa.

It’s a natural and organic way of sparking up a conversation where you can ask them if they’d like to try a bottle and it will likely lead to more sales.

If you get interest, ask people if they’d like a perfume list and product catalogues.

These perfumes smell amazing – let them do the hard work for you and sell themselves.

Item 8

Gift FM Products

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, a birthday, or anything in between…

FM fragrances make the perfect gift!

Here’s why…

Gift FM Products

An Amazing Gift

The lucky receiver gets a gift they’ll genuinely love!

Smelling virtually identical to their favourite designer fragrance, they’ll wonder where FM World has been all their life.

You Save Money

Why spend extortionate amounts of money on designer brands – essentially paying for the celebrity endorsements and fancy packaging – when you can save money by gifting an FM bottle and still give someone a fragrance they’ll love?

As a Business Partner, you get discounted prices on the already super-affordable fragrances, meaning you save even more money when you gift FM World products.

You Make Money

As if saving tons of money wasn’t enough, you’ll also earn commission on the bottles you do buy as gifts.

Remember, every FM World product has an associated points value and you earn commission on those points.

So, not only will you save by gifting FM World products, but you’ll also earn money too!

You Get More Customers

The more people that wear your fragrances, the more customers you’ll get through word-of-mouth referrals.

Therefore, if you’re buying a gift for someone anyway, it just makes sense to gift them one of your own products, as there’s more chance that’ll lead to future sales from people they come into contact with while wearing the fragrance.

Item 9

Follow Up With Existing Customers

This is a big one!

Most people focus on finding new customers, when in fact, they’ve already got a plethora of existing customers that they aren’t fully utilising.

Follow Up With Existing Customers

FM products are consumable products, which means – just like nappies, food, beverages, etc. – they run out and need replenishing.

Why does this matter?

Because a business with replenishment built-in has return customers built-in!

How long does an average 50ml bottle of perfume last?

Maybe 1-3 months depending on how much you use it…

This means that every 1-3 months, you’ll have customers who are primed and ready to place their next order, as they’d have run out of their previous bottle.

And this cycle goes on and on, and on, and on…

For example, if you got 10 new customers per month, by month three you’d have your 10 new customers, plus your 10 returning customers from month one.

This has a compounding effect, in that, by month six, you’ll have your 10 new customers, your 10 returning customers from month three and your 10 returning customers from month one.

You can see how this builds and grows over time.

In consumable goods businesses, the longer you’re in business and the more customers you’re acquiring, the more valuable your business becomes as your revenue continues to grow.

In simple terms, it pays (literally) to follow up with your customers.

A simple message every now and again to check how they’re doing, how they liked their last order, and if they’re in need of a top-up goes a long way!

You can even offer a small discount for returning customers, meaning you’re more likely to turn them from a one-time customer to a loyal regular.

More importantly, loyal customers quickly turn into brand ambassadors and will likely drive future sales for you through word-of-mouth referrals to their own friends and family.

Keep your customers’ contact info – whether that’s in a notebook or spreadsheet.

Make sure you actually follow up with them!

Item 10

Start Building A Team

This is, without a doubt, the thing that most new members say they’re most apprehensive about when they first join FM World.

But here’s the thing, building a team is relatively straightforward and stress-free.

Start Building A Team

One simple way to recruit new team members – that benefits both you and your new recruit – is to contact regular customers and tell them about the discounts they can receive if they sign up to FM World as a Business Partner themselves.

Put them at ease and let them know that there are no joining fees, no minimum order requirements, and no starter kits required.

It is literally free to join.

And by joining, they can access the huge discounts available to Business Partners, meaning they save money.

You benefit because you no longer have to spend your time contacting them as a customer to place orders for them – they do it all for themselves – and you can use that precious time on further growing your clientele and business.

It’s a win-win situation.


There you have it – 10 ways you can launch your FM World business right now.

If you actually implement any one of these things, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of most other Business Partners who aren’t consistent in actively trying to grow their business.

If you do all of these things, you’re even more likely to succeed.

There are many, many more ways in which you can grow your FM business, but these top tips should set you up for success.

Print them off, tick them off and be consistent.

You can make it!

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