About FM Fragrances

Here at FM Fragrances, we’re passionate about luxury fragrances, at affordable prices, lovingly delivered with outstanding customer service.

Our number one priority is our customers and our strongest asset is the FM Fragrances Team.

About FM Group

FM Group, or FM Group World, was the original name of FM World when the company was initially launched.

Since its inception, FM Group was associated with the production of perfumes, however, dynamic growth of FM Group and its operations led the company to broaden its offer.

Today, FM Group operates as FM World and runs operations in countries across the world.

About FM World

FM Fragrances is an official distributor of FM World, a global multi-level marketing company.

Established in 2004 by Artur Trawinski in Wroclaw, Polan, today FM World works with over two million Business Partners across the globe in every major international market, across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

About FM World UK

In 2006, FM World made its way across the English Channel, from Europe to the United kingdom, led by Anita Sieniuc, FM World UK’s Chief Executive Officer.

Due to its growth on the in European markets and around the wider world, the popularity of FM fragrances, as well as the company’s dynamic leadership, Anita brought the unique FM World business opportunity to the UK audience.

FM Fragrances is an FM World UK Business Partner and Distributor, and leads the FM Fragrances team based in the United Kingdom in providing quality fragrances at affordable prices and with outstanding customer service.

FM Fragrances supports the provision of a range of FM World products, from cosmetics to fragrances, with our product range now totalling over 900 quality products.

Products sold by FM Fragrances include:

  • Fragrances – perfumes and perfumed waters.
  • Body care products – shower gels, creams, body lotions
  • Hair care cosmetics – shampoos, conditioners, masks
  • Makeup – color cosmetics such as lip glosses , mascaras , eye shadows , foundations
  • Household chemicals – cleaning products
  • Coffees , teas and chocolates

These products are delivered by FM Fragrances under a number of different FM World designer brands, including:

  • Utique
  • Fontainavie
  • Federico Mahora
  • Hairlab
  • Nutricode
  • Fit 6 Nutricode
  • Aurile
  • Pure Home
  • Smart & Clean

About Federico Mahora

Federico Mahora is FM World’s flagship designer brand, consisting of a range of FM fragrances and makeup products.

According to FM World UK, there are in fact three Federico Mahora brands, including:

  • Federico Mahora
  • Federico Mahora Parfum
  • Federico Mahora Makeup

These three Federico Mahora brands essentially fall into three primary categories; perfume, luxury perfume (parum), and makeup.

FM Fragrances sells products from all three categories and manages a team of FM Distributors who support the sale of Federico Mahora products.

About FM Cosmetics

FM Cosmetics is the term used to describe FM World’s wide collection of makeup and cosmetic products, including Federico Mahora Makeup, as well as other FM Cosmetics products targeted at the complex and complete care of your skin, hair, and teeth.

FM Fragrances is a proud FM World Distributor, offering best-in-class sales and support to customers interested in our range of FM Cosmetics.

About FM Perfume

As with the Federico Mahora brand itself, fragrances and perfumes really are the flagship product range of FM World and, indeed, FM Fragrances.

Some of the fragrance-specific FM World brands include:

  • Federico Mahora
  • Federico Mahora Parfum
  • Utique

FM Fragrances perfumes are broken down into seven primary fragrance collections, including:

  • Pure
  • Pheromone
  • Intense
  • Pure Royal
  • Golden Edition Pure Royal
  • Luxury
  • Utique

Perfumes from the above fragrance collections come in unisex, for her, and for him varieties, and fall within one of six FM World fragrance families, including:

  • Floral; sensual and romantic
  • Oriental; strong and untamed
  • Fougere; seductive and classic
  • Chypre; sensual and tempting
  • Citrus; joyful and energetic
  • Woody; sophisticated and classy

FM Fragrances perfumes also come in a variety of volumes, including:

  • 15ml
  • 50ml
  • 100ml

FM Fragrances is a Distributor for one of the largest and most successful multi-level marketing fragrance companies in the world for one reason, and one reason only; their perfume offering is unmatched across the entire industry.

An outstanding product, combined with an affordable price tag and exceptional customer service.

That’s why people love FM Fragrances.

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