FM World Review & Case Study

How Much Money Can You Really Earn With FM World

I’ve heard good things about FM World and the earning potential available to Business Partners, but other than hearsay and social media glorification, there is little ‘hard evidence’ or data to back up the claims of passive income, company cars and luxury company retreats.

So, I decided I would create the first and only over-the-shoulder FM World case study and review.

I joined FM World on 1st July 2021 and created the brand FM Fragrances – this blog post charts my own journey.

I’m going to be completely transparent and let you peek behind the curtain, showing everything from how much I’ve earned in direct profit, commission payments and company shares.

Let’s dive in…

FM World Review & Case Study

FM World Case Study & Review

If you’re short on time and can’t read the full month-on-month case study right now, you’ll find all of the pertinent information you need right here in the overview.

It provides a short breakdown of our monthly earnings from all four income streams that FM World offers; direct profit, commission, bonuses, and shares of worldwide turnover.

As you can see from the overview, it is possible to start earning decent money with FM World almost straight away, providing you put in the time and hard work.

Let’s take a look…

FM World Case Study & Review

Here’s how much we’ve earned so far with FM World, month-on-month…

FM World Earnings Overview

Month & Year Total Earnings
Month 1: July 2021 £227.34
Month 2: August 2021 £1,184.28
Month 3: September 2021

Note: It’s important to note that when you hit certain milestones with FM World, they also give you ‘Additional Accounts’. These are separate accounts but are still under your name, and you can earn money from them in exactly the same way as you can on your main account. They allow you to more accurately build out your FM team in order to maximise your earnings. As and when we receive Additional Accounts, they’ll be utilised and earnings from those accounts will be factored into the earnings table above.

There are four forms of income you can generate through FM World and these combine to make up our ‘Total Earnings’.

Here’s an overview of the four monetisation methods…

  1. Direct Profit: This is the difference between the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) that customers purchase FM World products for and the price you, as an FM World Business Partner, pay (which is substantially discounted).
  2. Commission: Every FM product you sell comes with a points value – these points add up each month and earn you a commission payment. The more products you sell, the more points you accumulate, the more commission you earn.
  3. Bonuses: FM World also pays you bonuses for hitting key milestones – bonuses range from £400 – £20,000 depending on which milestone you achieve.
  4. Shares: As you climb the FM World ladder, you’ll also benefit from shares of worldwide turnover.

What we hope to see is that these figures not only maintain but continue to grow month-on-month.

We should see steady growth in direct profit and commission.

We also expect to see total earnings increase every month; particularly as we begin to hit more bonuses each month, and eventually, begin receiving shares of worldwide turnover.

If we continue to see this steady trend up, it will give the clearest indication possible that the business model is sustainable going forward.

A more detailed breakdown of our earnings, including how much we earned from each of the four revenue streams, can be found in each monthly update in the chapters below…

Month 1

July 2021 FM World Case Study Update

My first month as an FM World Business Partner was both exciting and a little nerve-racking.

I had a lot to learn and execute all in the same month, so it was somewhat of a ‘baptism by fire’.

I made a total of £227.34 from a combination of direct profit and commission payments.

I jumped in headfirst. I sold. I recruited. I became addicted to witnessing my own growth.

Let’s take a closer look at what I achieved and how I did it…

July 2021 FM World Case Study Update

What a first month…

A busy combination of learning everything I could about FM World; the business, the products, and the monetisation models I’d be assessing over the coming months.

Here’s our income breakdown this month…

Month 1 Income Breakdown

Income Stream Revenue Generated
Direct Profit £170.57
Commission £56.77
Bonuses £00.00
Share of Turnover £00.00
Total Earnings £227.34

Learning About FM World

Being a complete newcomer, I had a lot to take in.

Not least because I intended to recruit a lot in my first month, which meant I’d have to learn it myself in order to properly train my team.

I need to know the ins and outs of FM World like the back of my hand.

One of the ways I learnt so much, so quickly, was to blog about it.

I figured, if I can write, in my own words, about the entirety of the FM World business model, I’ll know it well enough to teach my own new recruits.

The guide (linked above) would also serve as a valuable resource for newcomers.

Based on what I’d learnt, I also created a ‘how to launch your FM World business checklist‘ which served as a tick list of everything I should do in my first month in order to get my business off to the right start.

In addition to the above resources, I also created and launched my team’s Facebook training group, which is exclusive to my team members.

I spent a ton of time creating written and video training for the group, so that all of my team members could also get off to the best start in launching and growing their own FM World businesses.

The truth is, whether you start a new role at a corporate business, start your own business, or indeed, join FM World, there is some learning involved.

The more we learn, the better we can sell and recruit, and ultimately, the more money we can earn.

FM World Sales

This month, sales remained pretty consistent.

Our main focus was on recruitment, so we were happy with pretty regular sales.

Here’s how we did…

Month 1 Sales Overview

Key Sales Metric Quantity
Orders Placed 19
Items Purchased 35
Direct Profit £227.34

Again, it was a pretty decent month considering most of my efforts focused on recruitment.

Going forward, I see sales remaining steady, but our primary focus has been (and will remain) on building our own FM World team through recruitment.

The reason for this is that commission is a largely passive form of income, whereas selling is very much active.

In the near future, I can see commission earnings surpassing that of direct profit.

Let’s wait and see.

FM World Recruitment

I’ve focused heavily on recruitment this month – an approach I intend to maintain going forward.

As I mentioned earlier, selling FM Fragrances (while lucrative) relies on me actually selling FM World products in order to make money.

It’s what is known as active income, meaning I have to actually do something to receive it.

Although people make a lot of money from selling alone, I’m more interested in commission – particularly in the long term.

It’s what’s known as passive income.

This is the type of income that is received, as the name suggests, passively – without the need to actually do much in order to receive it.

In the long run, this is the ‘quit my job and achieve financial freedom’ type of income.

It’s the type of income that allows you to retire early and spend your days doing what you love, as opposed to slogging away working every day, safe in the knowledge that you’ll still get your paycheque at the end of the month.

Why so?

Well, because every single point that a team member of yours puts through in a given month also go to you as their Upline.

As you can imagine, this has a compounding effect.

The more people you recruit, the more sales are made, the more Group Points get accumulated, the more commission you earn.

It really is that straightforward.

So, I absolutely smashed the recruitment!

I started off by selling the business, the products, and the dream to my brothers.

I recruited all four of them.

Then, every single customer that bought a product, every single person who showed interest, every single family member I told – I asked to sign them all up so that they could enjoy the additional income, too.

What happened in the subsequent days and weeks was pretty amazing – my recruits started recruiting.

People told their partners, who told their family members, who told their friends, and on.

And those recruits started recruiting.

Everything I did; recruitment was never far from my mind.

Here’s how I did in my recruiting efforts in month one and what commission it generated me…

Month 1 Recruitment Overview

Key Recruitment Metric Quantity
Team Members Recruited 101
Personal Points 1921.70
Group Points 3769.70
Effectiveness Level 9%
Commission Payment £56.77

As you can see, commission this month only made up about 25% of my total earnings.

However, I can see the scales tipping and this revenue stream increasing over time; with commission payments eventually becoming the majority revenue stream.

Only time will tell whether my prioritisation of recruiting over sales was the right move and whether my efforts will come to fruition and start to pay off.

FM World Case Study: Month 1 Summary

Overall, a pretty solid start to my FM World journey.

Yes. I have worked extremely hard this month.

Yes. I’ve had to learn a lot.

Yes. It has been time-consuming.

But, in hindsight, I’ve made almost £230 in my first month.

In my book, this is a major early success.

Let’s hope this growth continues in the months leading up to Christmas 2021 and beyond.

Month 2

August 2021 FM World Case Study Update

In August, we saw some pretty phenomenal growth in both direct profit and commission earnings.

Direct profit increased by 60.51% and commission earnings increased by a massive 799.22%.

In addition to profit and commission, we also bagged our £400 bonus for hitting 15% Effectiveness Level in month two (the first of two Fast Track bonuses).

Overall, our total earnings increased by 420.92% in August compared to July.


August 2021 FM World Case Study Update

August was a surprising month.

Month two of our FM World journey and we had already broken the £1,000 in earnings mark.

Here’s a breakdown of our income for August…

Month 2 Income Breakdown

Income Stream Revenue Generated
Direct Profit £273.79
Commission £510.49
Bonuses £400.00
Share of Turnover £00.00
Total Earnings £1,184.28

It’s worth noting that FM World gives people the opportunity to create and use Additional Numbers (secondary FM World accounts) as a reward for hitting certain FM World Effectiveness Levels.

As we hit the Effectiveness Level of 9% in July, we received our first Additional Number in August.

We heavily utilised this secondary account in order to better structure our team and maximise our earnings.

As we continue to do this going forward, it’s important to note that the commission earnings shown are inclusive of the commission earned through our main account and current/future Additional Numbers.

Overall, though, we’re unbelievably pleased with our growth in earnings this month.

I wouldn’t have thought, in a million years, that within two months of joining FM World I could be pulling in over £1,000 per month.

It is literally mind-blowing and I’m unbelievably excited to see how big this figure can actually grow to.

FM World Sales

I’ve had another good month as far as sales go.

In fact, we increased our direct profit from sales by more than 60%.

Here’s how our sales looked for August…

Month 2 Sales Overview

Key Sales Metric Quantity
Orders Placed 36
Items Purchased 55
Direct Profit £273.79

To think that I’ve more than doubled the money I make from selling FM World products in just a single month is insane.

Even more so when you consider that I haven’t yet reached out to previous customers with discounts or offers – something I plan to do in September.

I’m a big believer that getting old customers back is far more important than finding new customers.

It’s the difference between customer acquisition (getting new customers) and customer retention (re-engaging existing customers).

If you can entice previous customers to purchase again, you increase the chances of those people becoming return customers.

This, in turn, provides an element of predictability for your business.

It’s super important!

So, I’ll be focusing heavily on messaging, texting or emailing my previous customers going forward – particularly in the build-up to Christmas.

FM World Recruitment

This month, I’ve pushed hard on recruitment.

Here’s how I got on in August…

Month 2 Recruitment Overview

Key Recruitment Metric Quantity
Team Members Recruited 228
Personal Points 3,471.50
Group Points 25,182.90
Effectiveness Level 18%
Commission Payment £510.49

Unlike sales, which is an active form of income (meaning you have to continue doing the work in order to receive the earnings), commission earnings from Group Points are a largely passive form of income.

Think of it this way…

If you stopped selling tomorrow, your earnings would stop.

However, if you had recruited a team, and then stopped selling and recruiting tomorrow, you would continue to earn money through the Group Points your team had accumulated each month.

For me, this type of passive income is the dream.

It’s the type of income that offers true financial freedom.

So it’s number one on my list of priorities.

FM World Bonuses

The final piece of my earnings this month was made up of a £400 bonus, given to me by FM World for hitting the Effectiveness Level of 15% in month two of joining the business.

15% - Fast Track Bonus Email - Close Up

Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses I got in August…

Month 2 Bonuses Overview

Bonus Amount
15% Fast Track Bonus £400

It’s worth taking note of the FM World bonuses available to you as an FM World Business Partner.

They’re extremely generous and can significantly increase your monthly earnings…

Fast Track Bonuses

  • You can receive a £400 bonus for hitting 15% Effectiveness Level in month two.
  • You can receive an £800 bonus for hitting 21% Effectiveness Level in month three.
  • If you miss either of the above bonuses, you also have the opportunity – via a second chance Fast track bonus – to bag yourself a £200 and £400 bonus for hitting 15% and 21% in months three and five respectively.

Orchid & Star Club Bonuses

Once you enter the ‘Orchid Club’ for the first time by hitting the Effectiveness Level of Pearl Orchid, you receive another bonus.

You then receive one-time bonuses the first time you hit every single Effectiveness Level thereafter.

  • Pearl Orchid: £500
  • Amaranth Orchid: £1,000
  • Golden Orchid: £2,000
  • Diamon Orchid: £3,000
  • Jasper Star: £5,000
  • Amethyst Star: £10,000
  • Malachite Star: £15,000
  • Onyx Star: £20,000

Here’s the really great part…

FM World gives you the opportunity to hit these bonuses on your main and additional accounts.

Going forward, I’ll be strategically placing and using my Additional Numbers in order to maximise the possibility that I’ll hit every bonus with every single one of my additional accounts.

Even at the lower Effectiveness Levels, if done right, this amounts to tens of thousands of pounds in bonuses – in addition to your direct profit and commission.

For example, in September, if my main account reaches 21% it’ll receive an £800 bonus (as it’s month three since I joined), but as I’m focusing on my Additional Number (my secondary account that is situated below my main account), that will also reach £400 for hitting 15% in that account’s second month.

Sounds confusing, but it’s really not.

If you’d like to know more about FM World Additional Numbers, click the link and check out the post.

FM World Case Study: Month 2 Summary

Growth this month has been nothing short of phenomenal and has genuinely shocked me.

My earnings have skyrocketed when compared to last month and I plan on continuing this trend going forward.

I hope to hit 21% Effectiveness Level on my main account in September and 15% on my Additional Number.

In October, I hope to hit Pearl Orchid on my main account and 21% on my Additional Number.

From there, I’ll continue to build out my structure using more Additional Numbers with the aim of hitting those bonuses each and every time I use a new Additional.

If you’d like to know more about the different ways in which you can make money through FM World, check out this post I wrote on the FM World Business Model and scroll down to the ‘Monetisation Model’ chapter.


Overall, not a bad start to my FM World journey.

It’s been hard work so far, but definitely worth it!

If you’re thinking about joining FM World, make sure you join under the right team to ensure you get the best possible training and support; giving you the best possible start.

Our team is currently accepting new Business Partners, so if you like what you’ve seen, feel free to join up FM World with us and we’ll help kickstart your FM World business!

If you found this post useful, please do share it on social media and stay tuned for next month’s instalment!

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