The FM World Business Model

The Business Model

In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything there is to know about the FM World business model.

You’ll learn about the discounts on offer, the earning potential, the company cars, the exotic company getaways, and more.

You’ll also learn why FM World is a relatively low-risk business opportunity due to the low startup costs:

  • No joining fee.
  • No purchase obligation.
  • No minimum order requirement.

Let’s get started!

The FM World Business Model
Chapter 1

FM World Basics

There’s a raft of information about FM World online; most of which isn’t that helpful.

So, before we dive into the FM World business model, we’re going to cover the basics and take a minute to dispel the myths.

FM World Basics

No joining fee | No purchase obligation | No minimum order

If you’ve heard horror stories about people losing money with FM World, chances are, they’re over-exaggerated at best and untrue at worst.

Here’s why…

No Joining Fee

FM World is completely free to join.

There is no sign-up fee whatsoever, meaning you’ll never be out of pocket.

Worst case scenario; you sign up, have second thoughts and leave, and have spent literally nothing.

All you’ve lost is a couple of minutes of your time filling in the online registration form.

No Purchase Obligation

You do not have to purchase or hold stock once you’ve joined FM World.


In fact, within FM World Business Partner circles, it’s strongly advised that you should not buy stock in advance of customer purchases.

One of the benefits of becoming an FM World Business Partner is the fact that it takes no initial investment in stock in order to succeed at the company.

You only purchase FM World products after a customer has already placed an order and paid you for that product.

If you stick to this approach, it’s a physical impossibility to lose money; particularly as you’ll be selling the perfume to the customer at a higher price than you purchased it.

No Minimum Order

With FM World, there are no minimum order requirements from month to month.

You’ll never be pressured or penalised in any way for not hitting sales targets.

More specifically; there are no sales targets.

You can sell as much (or as little) as you want, however you want, whenever you want.

People can (and do) go months without making sales.

There’s zero pressure to sell and absolutely no minimum order requirements.

Chapter 2

Becoming an FM World Distributor

There are four primary steps on your journey to becoming a successful FM World Business Partner.

  • Step One: Join FM World
  • Step Two: Be Your Own First Customer
  • Step Three: Sell FM World Products
  • Step Four: Build an FM World Team

Let’s take a closer look.

Becoming an FM World Distributor

The first step is to take a leap of faith and actually sign up.It’s completely free and there’s nothing to lose.

The rest comes naturally as you build and grow your FM World business.

Four-step process for joining FM World.

Step One: Sign Up To FM World

The sign-up process is quick and easy; taking less than a minute to complete the online registration form.

Registering with FM World as a Company

This section is usually left blank (unticked).

If you are signing up as a limited company, however, you’ll need to tick the appropriate option and add your company information.

Business Partner Vs Preferred Customer

You’ll be asked whether you want to sign up to FM World as a Business Partner or Preferred Customer.

Preferred Customer Vs Business Partner.

FM World Preferred Customer

A Preferred Customer is an FM World member who can purchase products and collect points on their purchases, but cannot build their own team and cannot, therefore, earn commission from team sales.

Preferred Customers get the same product discounts as Business Partners.

FM World Business Partner

A Business Partner is an FM World member that can, like a Preferred Customer, purchase products at discounted prices and collect points for their own purchases.

In addition, a Business Partner can also build their own FM World team by sponsoring (signing up) new members, thus earning commission from their team’s sales, too.

If you’re looking to grow within FM World, build a team, and earn a residual income, then FM World Business Partner status is the choice for you.

The form takes less than a minute to complete, so a ‘lack of time’ is no excuse for delaying your journey to financial freedom.

Join FM World

Step Two: Be Your Own First FM World Customer

Once you’ve joined the FM World team, it’s time to start selling…

But with a twist.

Your first customer should always be yourself.

It’s a natural, logical progression that FM World customers would transition to becoming FM World Preferred Customers or Business Partners, simply due to the discounts alone.

Why wouldn’t people want to save money, right?

In fact, it’s often the case that the best FM Distributors started out as FM World customers.

Customers that became brand ambassadors and, eventually, FM World Distributors.

This step in the process is pretty simple…

Sign up, be your own first customer, get huge discounts, and ultimately, save money on the products that you were going to buy anyway.

Step Three: Sell FM World Products

Once people join FM World and begin to see the significant savings they’re making on their own individual FM purchases, as well as the commission payments they’re earning each month on those purchases, it doesn’t take long until they begin to wonder how much more they could earn by selling FM products to their friends and family, etc.

Often, this first step can be sparked by something as subtle as someone walking into a room that you’re in and commenting on the perfume you’re wearing or the shade of makeup you have on.

Naturally, this can lead to a conversation where FM World products are genuinely recommended.

A scenario so simple and natural is often one of the primary reasons people begin to sell FM World products to others, and things begin to grow organically from there.

A conversation here, a social media post there, and before you know it, you’ve built up a network of returning customers; each sale contributing to yet more direct profit and more commission each month.

Step Four: Build an FM World Team

The final piece of the puzzle is recruitment.

If you’re serious about growing your FM World business, you’ll want to start building a solid team around you.

As we’ll discuss in greater detail shortly, you earn commission based on your team’s sales.

If your team consists of just you, you’ll only earn commission on your sales.

If you have a large team, who all contribute to your team sales, you’ll earn commission on those sales, too.

Each member of your team will be integral to your overall success, just as you will be integral to the success of your team.

FM World is a team-based business, where everyone supports each other, and everyone’s actions positively impact those around them; usually via higher earnings and increased commissions.

Often though, people find the idea of building a team daunting.

They don’t like the thought of having to recruit people.

But the reality is, FM World’s product offering is so good, and the earning potential is so great, that recruitment is one of the easier elements to the FM World process.

The recruitment piece of the puzzle will fall into place quite organically as word of mouth spreads about the amazing products you sell and the incredible business opportunity that you offer.

Four-step process for joining FM World.

Chapter 3

FM World Product Model

In this section, we’re going to delve into the FM World product offering.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the most popular FM World brands and products.

Products that are going to generate you the most income.

FM World Product Model

One of the great things about becoming an FM World Business Partner is that FM World products are genuinely excellent.

Designer perfumes without the designer price tag.

Customers genuinely love them.

As a Business Partner, it’s always great when you’re selling a product people actually want to buy.

FM World Brands

While FM World is known for their flagship product offering – perfumes – they also offer a huge variety of other products, across a large network of FM World brands.

Offering everything from body care and hair care cosmetics to cleaning and home products, and even an assortment of teas, coffees, and chocolates.

FM World Brands

Federico Mahora

Federico Mahora is FM World’s flagship brand and encompasses skincare and haircare products, as well as makeup, and of course, the famous FM World perfumes.


Utique is FM World’s luxury range of cosmetic products, comprising of hand soaps, shower gels, body balms, oils, creams, and candles, as well as the sophisticated Utique fragrance collection.


Fontainavie is FM World’s specialist brand of cosmetics, using cutting-edge technologies and drawing from ground-breaking discoveries, they’ve found the proven formula for eternal youth.

Pure Home

Pure Home is FM World’s range of fragrance-inspired home scents and cosmetics.


Hairlab is FM World’s range of professional haircare, ensuring healthy and beautiful looking hair.

Smart & Clean

Smart & Clean is FM World’s range of home care cleaning products, designed to help keep your home beautiful and clean.


Nutricode is FM World’s supplement brand designed to restore and support your body’s functions.


Fit 6 is FM World’s innovative weight loss programme and is the most important project of the Nutricode brand.


Aurile is FM World’s range of coffees, teas, and chocolates, born out of a passion for deliciousness.

Your FM World Product Offering

The FM World brands above collectively make up an FM World Business Partner’s product offering – the products you can offer to your customers.

FM World Product Offering

An FM World Business Partner can sell (or not sell) whichever products they choose from the available product ranges and brands.

A Business Partner’s sales strategy, however, will largely be determined by what their customers want.

The idea is for the Business Partner to familiarise themselves with the full product range in order to cater for their customers’ needs.

It’s worth noting, though, that those needs will likely involve FM World’s flagship perfume brand Federico Mahora.

FM World’s Federico Mahora

It’s worth taking a moment to give special recognition to the Federico Mahora range.

When most people think of ‘FM World’ they immediately associate it with Federico Mahora brand.

Without a doubt, Federico Mahora will likely be an FM World Business Partner’s number one selling range and will receive the most interest from customers due to its popularity.

While FM World’s Federico Mahora range includes makeup and cosmetics, it’s more widely known for its collections of Federico Mahora (FM) perfumes, namely:

  • Pure
  • Pheromone
  • Intense
  • Pure Royal
  • Gold Edition Pure Royal
  • Luxury
  • Utique

Side note: although not strictly a Federico Mahora collection, FM World’s Utique brand also centres around luxury perfumes and is wildly popular with FM World customers, so we’ve included it in this section.

Each FM perfume collection offers subtle differences and intends to cater to all budgets; starting at £15 and topping out at £70 – significantly less than its high street designer competitors.

Remember: this isn’t the price that FM World Business Partners pay for the perfumes but is instead the price that they’re generally sold to customers – the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

FM World Business Partners receive substantial discounts of up to 33% of the cost of FM World products, hence the direct profit aspect of the business model.

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the Federico Mahora perfume collections…

Pure Collection

Pure Collection perfumes come in the iconic, yet simple bottle that all FM World customers know and love.

Lasting up to six hours on the skin, these parfums have a fragrance concentration of 20%.

Pheromone Collection

Just like its Pure Collection counterpart, Pheromone Collection parfums come in the same simple, yet elegant bottle and packaging.

Similarly, it also lasts for six hours on the skin and has a 20% fragrance concentration, but, as the name suggests, contains pheromones to encourage confidence.

Intense Collection

Again, Intense Collection parfums come in sleek and stylish bottles, not too dissimilar to its Pure and Pheromone Collection counterparts.

However, as the name suggests, this FM World collection has an intense 30% fragrance concentration and lasts up to eight hours on the skin.

Pure Royal Collection

Parfums in FM World’s Pure Royal Collection come in larger, presentation-style boxes and contain high-quality fragrance oils, smelling similar to some of our most-loved designer brands.

Pure Royal Collection perfumes have a fragrance concentration of over 20% and also last up to eight hours on the skin.

Gold Edition Pure Royal Collection

A unique case, the Gold Edition Pure Royal collection contains just one perfume that contains the finest ingredients and fragrance oils.

Similar to its Pure Royal Collection counterparts, it comes packaged in large, elegant fragrance boxes, has a minimum 20% fragrance concentration, and lasts on the skin for up to eight hours.

Luxury Collection

As with the Gold Edition Pure Royal Collection, FM World’s Luxury Collection contains just one parfum, packaged in a stand-alone vintage atomizer; perfect as a dressing table centrepiece.

The perfume has a fragrance concentration of at least 20% and lasts on the skin for up to eight hours.

Utique Collection

As previously mentioned, FM World’s Utique ‘Collection’ is not actually a collection, but rather a brand in and of itself, with a fragrance concentration of 20% and lasting up to eight hours on the skin.

The popular range boasts the finest ingredients and high-quality fragrance oils, and it comes packaged in beautifully elegant, yet energetic bottles and packaging.

Your FM World Best Sellers

Federico Mahora and Utique brand fragrances will often be an FM World Business Partner’s best selling products.

While the occasional sale from another FM World product range may occur, it’s worth dedicating the majority of your time and effort to learning about the collections we’ve discussed above.

These will likely make up the majority of your own sales, as well as your team’s sales.

Understand these fragrances well and you’ll become an outstanding FM World Business Partner.

While there are a lot of similarities between the collections – namely they’re all high-quality, affordable parfums in simple, yet elegant packaging – there are also a number of key differences that any good FM World Business Partner should be aware of, just in case they come up in conversations with customers or team members in the future.

The crib sheet below should act as a useful reminder…

FM World Fragrance Collection Overview

Fragrance Collection Fragrance Packaging Fragrance Concentration Fragrance Endurance Fragrance Volume Fragrance Cost
Pure Small, simple. 20% Six hours. 50ml £16.90
Pheromone Small, simple. 20% Six hours. 50ml £17.90
Intense Small, simple. 30% Eight hours. 50ml £20.90
Pure Royal Large, simple. 20% Eight hours. 15ml –
50 ml
£15 –
Gold Edition Pure Royal Large, simple. 20% Eight hours. 50ml £34
Luxury Large, simple. 20% Eight hours. 50ml £46
Utique Luxury, atomizer. 20% Eight hours. 15ml –
£19.50 –
Chapter 4

FM World Customer Model

In order to sell anything, for any type of business on the planet, you need to know and understand your customers.

More importantly, you need to understand where to find them and how to engage them.

In this section, we’ll discuss all likely FM World customers and the channels on which you’ll engage with and sell to them.

FM World Customer Model

It goes without saying that to be successful in any business, be it a traditional corporate enterprise, a small or medium-sized business, a freelance gig, or indeed, FM World, you need to be proficient in sales.

That’s not to say you have to be a modern-day wolf of wall street, but the purpose of any business is to generate revenue and, in order to do so, that business has to sell.

The good news is, FM World allows you to sell within your own area of expertise, local area, network (be it in person or online), and most importantly, within your own comfort zone.

It allowed you to sell without any interference from ‘management’, without sales targets and deadlines, and without pressure.

As an FM World Business Partner, you’re free to sell (or not sell) whenever you want, to whoever you want, and however best suits your needs and capabilities.

There are four primary customer acquisition channels you can utilise to make sales through FM World, as shown below:

  • Own Custom
  • Local Custom
  • Social Custom
  • Search Custom

This section essentially describes the ways in which you can sell to potential customers, which can be used individually or in combination to market to, engage with, and sell to customers.

Even more so, for those who are open to it, it provides a non-linear roadmap to growing your customer base over time.

Crucially, it also allows you to diversify your revenue streams by utilising numerous channels, each completely independent from the other, thus creating a more sustainable and resilient business – one that will stand the test of time.

Your FM World Customers

Own Custom: Be Your Own First Customer

As we discussed early on in this guide, it is often the case that FM World Business Partners originated as FM World customers.

Not only is this a testament to the quality of FM World products, but it’s also the most logical form of recruitment – something to bear in mind as you begin looking to grow your FM World team.

As you’re reading this, it’s likely that you yourself are an existing FM World customer looking to make the transition to FM World Business Partner.

It may be to bag yourself those great discounts, earn some extra cash, or become your own boss and achieve financial freedom.

Either way, it’s important (and logical) that your first customer is always yourself.

Firstly, because you continue receiving the products that you know and love, but at significantly lower prices.

Secondly, because it’s important that a brand ambassador be wholly on board with the products they’re trying to sell.

And lastly, because you’ll earn commission based on the sales you make purchasing products for yourself, meaning you don’t just save money, but actually make money, too.

Additionally, whether it’s the perfume you’re wearing, the makeup you have on, or the scented products that make your home smell beautiful; they’re all potential opportunities to bag yourself another customer.

It’s important to show off your products to spark that conversation – you never know where it’ll lead.

Have you ever walked into a room and someone asked you what perfume or aftershave you were wearing?

It’s the perfect lead-in to a customer-initiated, natural conversation.

There’s absolutely no hard selling necessary.

No pressure whatsoever.

The customer actually asked you about your product; not the other way around.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask them if they have a favourite perfume they’d like to try or even if they’d like some samples to take away.

They may even want to buy a product right there and then.

The reason that being your own first customer is so important, is because it not only eases you into the world of FM and allows you to show off your products to the world, but it also allows you to take advantage of the discounts on offer, without any obligation to sell to anyone else, and with absolutely no risk whatsoever, as you’re already an FM World customer.

Local Custom: Sell To Friends & Family

Once you’ve taken the leap and joined FM World, familiarised yourself with the online portal and placed a few orders, and maybe even sold a bottle or two through those naturally occurring conversations, the next logical step is to promote your products to those closest to you who.

Those people who are most likely to support and encourage you…

Your friends and family.

Again, this doesn’t mean hard selling or guilt-tripping your family into purchasing your products.

It means initiating a conversation with them.

Explaining to them your new business venture, but most importantly, showing them the products that you yourself have purchased.

Let them know – through your positivity and knowledge – that you’re a brand ambassador and love the products, then let them try the products out for themselves.

Without a doubt, the majority of people will react positively to the products; hence why they’re so popular.

They’ll also react positively to your new venture, goals, and the opportunities that lay before you.

Friends and family will likely be among your first, and without doubt, your most loyal customers.

As you become more confident in the product takeup and your own knowledge, and as word spreads about your new venture amongst your social circle, begin to initiate those conversations further and further afield.

First to family, then to friends, and then colleagues and acquaintances.

Before long, you’ll have built up a solid, loyal, and recurring customer base purely from your real-life social circle, and may even have one or two new recruits on the horizon.

Local Custom.

Social Custom: Sell To Your Social Network

One of the most prominent selling channels used by FM World Business Partners is social media; commonly referred to as ‘social selling’.

In other words, utilising your social networks – be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn – to promote your products to your online friends, connections, and followers.

Again, this is not about the hard sale.

It’s about education.

Educating your friends about your new favourite perfume or makeup product.

Educating your connections about your new business venture and that you’re looking for support.

Educating your followers about the hot new cosmetics brand that’s taking the world by storm.

Social media is about sharing content.

It’s about sharing what’s important to us as individuals.

And so, if you’re passionate about your new business or the products you offer, it’s worth shouting about it from the metaphorical social media rooftops.

There are two primary approaches to social selling:

  • Selling to social connections.
  • Selling to social ‘strangers’.

Again, both methods can be implemented individually or in conjunction with one another.

Your approach really depends on how much you want to sell via social and how hard you’re willing to work to achieve your own goals.

Selling to Social Connections

Selling to your social connections is believed by many to be the ‘easiest’ of the two approaches, although not necessarily the most effective.

As the name suggests, it’s about promoting your products to people already in your social networks; be those friends, connections, followers, etc.

For most people, this comprises a combination of posting social media content about the products, conducting raffles and competitions, setting up giveaways, and creating sub-communities – e.g. Facebook groups, WhatsApp chats, etc. – whereby you can post offers or sales to a select number of interested people.

There are a select few who adopt a bolder approach to selling to social connections by personally massaging people within their network who they feel may be interested in the products.

This is far less common, however, as people fear (often incorrectly) that it will damage their relationships with those connections.

It is, however, extremely effective.

Regardless of which approach you choose when selling to social connections, it’s important to understand the nuances between each individual platform.

People often have a preconceived notion that they’re posting too much of the wrong type of content to social media or too much content full stop.

While it is true that there is such a thing as too much content, most people’s preconception of ‘too much content’ is nowhere near the optimum amount of content, let alone too much.

The most important thing is to maintain a balance of content, or more specifically, a balance in the type of content you’re publishing.

A general rule that can be applied quite effectively and without little forethought or effort, is the 80/20 split.

If you ensure that your audience – your network – is receiving 80% non-promotional content, then the 20% promotional content will likely never seem overpowering, regardless of how much you post.

Social Content 80/20% Split.

In fact, when it comes to social content engagement, studies have shown that more is more.

Be everywhere, all of the time.

But be strict with yourself on the 80/20 rule and, in time, you will see results from selling to your social connections.

Selling to Social Strangers

Selling to social ‘strangers’ (or people outside of your current network) is sometimes known by another name; direct selling.

People have differing views on it, but today’s world of marketing is driven by it.

We’re being direct marketed to every time we sign into our email, collect the post from our letterbox, or yes, login to social media.

It’s become a socially accepted part of our everyday lives.

People are going to try and sell us ‘stuff’.

We don’t (often) get frustrated by it, we’re either interested or we’re not, and we either engage with their marketing efforts or we don’t.

It’s not about spamming.

It’s about reaching out to people on social media who are not within your network, but who you feel may be interested in your products.

And here are the cold, hard facts on the matter…

Regardless of your personal views on selling to social strangers (or direct marketing); it works.

I know this because I’ve implemented it on countless occasions and with tremendous success.

Aside from my own personal experience with direct marketing, there are literally countless case studies written on it that demonstrate its effectiveness.

Here’s what direct marketing is not

It’s not blindly sending out tens of thousands of marketing messages to people with no perceived interest, probably in an automated fashion – essentially throwing s**t at the wall and hoping something sticks.

That’s called spam.

Direct marketing is about identifying your target audience, understanding your customer persona (who are the type of people who buy from you), conducting research in order to find similar cohorts, then delivering personalised marketing materials to them (emails, messages, etc.) about a product you feel they may be genuinely interested in.

Sounds like a lot of work, and to be fair, it certainly takes some time.

But, one thing is for certain, from a sales perspective; it’s absolutely worth it.

For example, say my average FM World perfume customer is an 18 to 21-year-old female university student, based in Liverpool City Centre.

My customer persona would comprise of the following information:

FM World Example Cohort

Age 18-21
Gender Female
Occupation University Student
Location Liverpool City Centre

My research could then involve searching for other people who fit within the parameters of that persona or people who share largely the same traits but differ in a specific variable.

For example, this could involve targeting 18 to 21-year-old female university students living in another city centre; Manchester perhaps.

This group of people would become my target cohort.

I could then reach out to this cohort on Facebook (or another platform of my choosing), via a personalised message and tell them about my products and their relationship to them (the fact that other students in Liverpool love them).

One of three things will then happen…

  1. The person won’t respond at all.
  2. The person will respond and tell you they’re not interested in your products.
  3. The person will respond and tell you they’re interested in your products, potentially even making a purchase.

Either way, you lose nothing.

The truth is, once you get over the initial apprehension, this method is extremely effective at both generating sales and recruiting new team members alike.

Social Custom Mothods.

Regardless of which method(s) you choose to pursue, social custom is a plentiful form of recurring customers and often provides an extremely positive Return On Investment (ROI) on the time you put into it.

A strong social media presence is a must for any serious business in today’s digital society and FM World is no different.

Your business will only get stronger, bigger, and more successful via social selling.

Search Custom: Sell Through Search Engines

Search custom is, by far, the most technical method of attracting new customers and is almost certainly the hardest to implement.

Depending on your experience in, and knowledge of website development, design, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it could be a gold mine or a non-starter.

SEO is the practice of optimising a website in order to drive more visitors via search engines, such as Google.

While difficult to implement and time-consuming to learn, it is by no means out of the grasp of people who, until now, have never heard the term SEO before.

With the right mentality and sufficient time dedicated to the practical implementation of learnt strategies and techniques, it is certainly possible to drive online visitors to a website and convert those visitors into paying customers.

A less intimidating way of describing SEO would be ‘blogging’.

People regularly set up blogs, using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or even start blogging on a ready-made blogging platform such as Medium; completely bypassing the need for web design and development altogether.

A major part of SEO – online promotion – simple means getting the ‘word out there’ about your blog in relevant places online.

This can include guest blogging on other websites or promoting your blog on social media, etc.

When described in these terms, the challenge doesn’t seem so daunting; and it shouldn’t be.

Even with limited or no knowledge on the above subjects, the ‘average Joe’ can readily access free, quality online resources and learn the basics.

And here’s why they should…

Visitors who come to your website via non-paid results in search engines are the highest converting source of online traffic.

While we won’t go into the specifics of website development, design, and SEO here, if you have the time and inclination in learning and implementing these techniques now, in order to build a business for the long term, we’re more than happy to offer support and mentorship as you progress..

Do What Works For You

In an ideal world, every FM World Business Partner would follow the Customer Model to the letter and possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to execute each method simultaneously and with surgical precision.

However, the real world isn’t ‘ideal’.

People are individuals with their own skill sets, life experience, and comfort zones.

That’s completely normal and completely OK.

The beauty of the FM World Business Model is that it caters to everyone, regardless of their technical abilities, selling preferences, or confidence.

The business model is designed to support and nurture you as you grow your business, at your own pace, and under your own steam; whether you employ a single customer acquisition model or all four (and more).

It allows FM World Business Partners to establish a foothold using a specific method, and then grow in confidence and ability within that method, prior to growing their business vertically by progressing on to another customer acquisition method, should they so wish.

This is the real benefit of creating an FM World business; true flexibility and freedom to work as you want to work.

The Customer Retention Cycle

The final part of the FM World Customer Model takes the shape of the Customer Retention Cycle.

It’s designed to illustrate the recurring nature of the customers that you will likely attract, based on your quality product offering and a product type that has replenishment built in.

It works on the hypothesis that customers will like FM World products and, as they’re using them regularly, will require more of those products periodically.

Imagine you’ve recently signed up as an FM Word Distributor and you receive 10 new customers in your first month.

An excellent effort and a great start to your business journey.

But how do you know your customer base will grow month-on-month?

Returning customers.

Imagine now that seven of your 10 customers never return.

They never buy another product from you again.

This is highly unlikely, but for argument’s sake, you’ve now lost 70% of your first month’s customers.

Let’s say another 10% (one customer) love the product so much that they want to sign up and become an FM World Distributor themselves so they can access those sizable discounts.

This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, after all, you’ve just earned your first team member and will earn commission on their points, too.

But, nonetheless, you’ve now lost the direct profit you got from their orders, as they’ll now receive that in the form of discounts.

That leaves two customers who loved their products, but not enough (yet) to take the plunge and join FM World.

If every month, your two remaining customers need to replenish their products – maybe they need more perfume or their makeup is running low – you now have two returning customers every single month.

Providing you keep working hard and generating those 10 new customers each month, you hit a rate of steady growth.

In month one you had 10 total customers, but with your two recurring customers from month one and your 10 new customers in month two, you now have a total of 12 customers.

Providing the customer drop-off and recruitment rate stays the same, at 70% and 10% respectively, in month three you’ll have a total of 14 customers.

In months five you’ll have 16 total customers, in month six you’ll have 18, and so on.

Meaning, over a 12-month period, you’d have acquired a total of 22 monthly recurring customers, as well as your 10 new customers, each and every month.

FM World Customer Retention Overview

Month Returning Customers Total Customers
1 10
2 2 12
3 4 14
4 6 16
5 8 18
6 10 20
7 12 22
8 14 24
9 16 26
10 18 28
11 20 30
12 22 32

Even with an unrealistically high 70% customer drop-off rate, you can see how, over time, recurring customers can bolster your numbers and provide certainty, reliability, and recurring income to your business.

And, using the same illustration over the same time period, you can see that you’d have recruited 11 new team members who, in turn, will have recruited their own team members, and so on, each generating additional points that contribute to your commission payments.

FM World Team Member Retention Overview

Month Team Members
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5
7 6
8 7
9 8
10 9
11 10
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The naturally recurring nature of FM World customers is a key cornerstone to the success of the FM World Business Model.

Product replenishment built-in, leading to predictability and sustainability for your FM World business.

Chapter 5

FM World Monetisation Model

While there are numerous reasons people start their journey with FM World, overwhelmingly, those reasons are financial in nature.

Some want to earn a little extra cash on the side to help save up towards that holiday, car, wedding, or even a deposit on a house.

Others may have fallen on hard times financially or become unemployed and are looking for an additional source of income to help pay the bills or contribute toward debt payments.

While others will have seen an opportunity to change their lives forever and finally achieve financial freedom, providing the opportunity for them to enjoy the important things in life, like spending more time with friends and family, and not having to work for an employer in the drudgery of a nine-to-five existence.

FM World Monetisation Model

Regardless of personal circumstances, chances are, most FM World Business Partners had some sort of financial reason to join up; otherwise, why would they do it?

Here’s the truth…

Whether you’re joining for some extra cash, to make it big in the world of FM, or out of pure necessity, FM World presents a real opportunity to hit your personal financial goals, whatever they may be.

As FM World themselves describe it, the business model offers “unlimited earning possibilities”.

You really do decide how far you go.

FM World Revenue Streams

There are three primary ways in which a Business Partner can earn cash through FM World, including:

  • Direct Profit
  • Commission
  • Bonuses

All three of these revenue streams contribute to your overall earnings each month, which can grow to tens of thousands of pounds per month.

These collectively make up the revenue stream side of the FM World monetisation model.

FM Revenue Streams.

Direct Profit

Direct Profit is the immediate cash profit you, as an FM World Distributor make, by selling FM products at Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and buying them at a (significantly discounted) Distributor price, meaning you pocket the immediate difference.

For example, let’s say a customer comes to you and would like to purchase a bottle of FM 142 Pure Royal.

The RRP for this product is £26.50, plus postage.

The customer proceeds with the order and pays you the full amount.

You place the order via the FM World shop and, as an FM World Distributor, receive a 32% discount, getting the product for just £18.

As the customer has paid RRP and covered the cost of postage, you’ve received an immediate cash profit of £8.50.

FM World Direct Profit Overview

Customer Cost Business Partner Cost Direct Profit
£26.50 £18 £8.50

As you can imagine, this direct profit can very quickly build up as you establish a base of returning customers who order from you month on month.

Multiply this figure by 10, and you’re already at £85 cash profit each month.

Multiply it by 100 and you’re earning £850 pounds per month – that’s secondary income style earnings.

Commission Payments

Another, completely passive way of earning with FM World is via its commission payments.

Each product you sell has a points value associated with it.

For example, the product we referenced in our earlier example, the FM 142 Pure Royal Perfume, has a value of 72 points.

Any products you sell within a one-month period accumulate points.

Ultimately, these points determine how much commission you’re paid.

And, as you’re selling these FM products to receive instant cash profit anyway, commission payments are essentially a passive income.

You don’t have to do anything over and above what you’re already doing to make sales in order to receive commission payments.

It’s all calculated automatically via the FM World Distributor portal and requires zero manual work.

Think of commissions as a (very substantial) perk of the job.

And here’s the best part…

While your direct profit comes only from the FM products that you sell directly, a Business Partner’s commission comes from their entire team.

In essence, you don’t just receive your personal points (the points value of the products you sell personally), but you also receive group points (the points value of the products each of your team members sells).

FM Team Commission Payments.

These group points all count towards your commission payments for a given month and, as you grow your FM World customer base and team, can add up to a significant monthly income, in addition to your instant cash profit.

Particularly when you factor in the fact that you receive the points not just of your direct team members, but their team members, and their team members’ team members, and so on.

This, in effect, creates an exponential curve of team growth and subsequently, the growth of your points and commission payments.

We’ll talk about how all of this works in detail in the ‘FM World Recruitment Model’ section of this guide, but essentially, your ‘Effectiveness Level’ within FM World is determined by the number of points you accumulate each month.

The more products you (and your team) sell, the more points you accrue, the higher your Effectiveness Level.

This determines how much commission you’ll earn that month.

Here’s a snapshot of the FM World earning potential via commission payments…

FM World Commission Payments Overview

Effectiveness Level Monthly Commission
3% – 21% £1.80 – £1,260+
Pearl Orchid – Diamond Orchid £1,000 – £20,000+
Jasper Star – Onyx Star £37,000 – £200,000+


In addition to the earnings that FM World Business Partners can receive from direct profit and commission payments, there are also numerous fast track bonuses that can be earned for achieving key milestones.

In your first three months, FM World offers you the chance to earn two bonuses totalling £1,200.

FM World Fast Track Bonus Overview

Timeframe Target Effectiveness Level Bonus
Second Month 15% £400
Third Month 21% £800

FM World even offers you a second chance to hit these levels and achieve the bonuses if you don’t quite make it the first time around, while still offering substantial bonuses totalling £600.

FM World Second Chance Bonus Overview

Timeframe Target Effectiveness Level Bonus
Third Month 15% £200
Fourth Month 15%
Fifth Month 21% £400

While not earth-shattering, these bonuses offer a substantial boost to early FM World earnings, providing Business Partners with some additional cash and some well-deserved motivation.

What’s more, the bonuses don’t stop once you reach the 21% Effectiveness Level.

In fact, they just keep growing…

Bonuses for Orchid and Star Effectiveness Levels range from £500 to £15,000; much more impressive.

FM World Orchid & Star Club Bonus Overview

Effectiveness Level Bonus
Pearl Orchid £500
Amaranth Orchid £1,000
Golden Orchid £2,000
Diamond Orchid £3,000
Jasper Star £5,000
Amethyst Star £10,000
Malachite Star £15,000
Onyx Star £20,000

Share of Worldwide Turnover

When you hit certain Effectiveness Levels, you’ll also qualify for a share of the company’s worldwide turnover.

As you can imagine, this alone would equate to a sizeable income stream due to the global financial success of FM World, in which qualifying Business Partners each take a percentage of the company’s global turnover.

FM World Orchid Club Worldwide Turnover

Effectiveness Level Percentage of Worldwide Turnover
Pearl Orchid 4%
Amaranth Orchid 1.5%
Golden Orchid 1.5%
Diamond Orchid 1.5%

FM World dedicates 8.5% of the worldwide point turnover to be shared among all Orchids (Business Partners who have achieved the Effectiveness Level of Pearl Orchid or above).

FM World Star Club Worldwide Turnover

Effectiveness Level Percentage of Worldwide Turnover
Jasper Star 1%
Amethyst Star 1%
Malachite Star 0.5%
Nephrite Star 0.5%
Onyx Star 0.5%

FM World also dedicates 3.5% of worldwide point turnover to be shared among all Stars (Business Partners who have achieved the Effectiveness Level of Jasper Star or above).

FM World Benefits & Incentives

As with any job, across all types of business, the earning potential is only one factor in determining whether an organisation is the right fit for an applying candidate.

In today’s modern and agile society, there are countless other considerations that need to be factored in, such as flexibility, working environment, progression opportunities, and much more.

Non-salary, financially-related incentives are also important.

Company cars motivate and inspire people, business getaways recognise and reward hard work, and other benefits such as loans provide stability and security.

FM World offers these benefits to Business Partners to create a culture of motivation and to reward the hard work of their team leaders.

FM Benefits & Incentives.

Carmotion: FM World’s Company Car Scheme

Carmotion is an FM World incentive programme designed to help Business Partners develop their businesses, by offering Distributors who achieve an Efficiency Level of 18% and above, the possibility of driving away their dream car.

If you already have a car and meet the criteria of FM World’s car programme, FM World will help cover the costs, ensuring that your transport costs are no longer a burden.

FM Island: FM World’s Company Getaways

FM Island, situated in the Maldives, and many more exotic locations around the world feature as the destination for the FM World annual retreat.

Business Partners who qualify will be invited to attend the retreats, courtesy of FM World, giving you the opportunity to meet your wider FM World team, learn how to take your business to the next level, and enjoy some hard-earned rest and recuperation.

Starting Shield: FM World’s Loan Scheme

Starting Shield is an FM World incentive programme designed to offer financial support to new Business Partners in the development of their business.

As part of the scheme, FM World offers a loan so that you can undertake your business activities and grow your structure without having to worry about finances.

Welcome Home: FM World’s Home Owner Scheme

Welcome Home is an FM World incentive programme designed to provide Business Partners with the financial opportunity to own their own house.

The programme has been developed to assist you in gaining financial independence and something that is most precious to you; your own home.

Chapter 6

FM World Recruitment Model

FM World is a truly global brand, operating in established markets around the world.

In addition to selling FM World products direct to consumers, one of the key cornerstones to the FM World Business Model, and subsequently to the success of an FM World Business Partner, is the ability to tap into these global markets and establish a strong team of Distributors.

FM World Recruitment Model

As mentioned in previous sections of this guide, this helps you create a more sustainable, long-term business by diversifying your revenue streams; generating both direct profit (via the products you sell personally) and commissions (via the the points accrued by your team).

While the concept behind the business model is to start small and start local, a key aspect of your growth within the business will be determined by your ability to recruit in both popularised markets (such as the United Kingdom), as well as new and immature markets (such as Australia and the United States).

Markets of Operation

In a relatively short space of time, FM World has scaled its product offering across countless countries and numerous continents.

Working with over two million Business Partners globally, the brand and its much-loved products have swept the industry and, indeed, the world.

At last count, FM World operates in around 50 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

FM World in Europe

From its humble beginning in Poland in 2004, FM World now sells in over 30 countries across Europe, from Germany, Finland, and France, to Slovakia and Ukraine, and of course, the United Kingdom.

FM World in Asia & Pacific

Across Asia and the Pacific, FM World operates in more than seven countries, from Indonesia to Malaysia, to Thailand, and most recently, Australia.

FM World in Africa & Near East

FM World also services customers in countries such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to Jordan, Kenya, and Nigeria.

FM World in North America

Focusing predominantly on Canada and the USA, FM World sells across the continent of North America, with an official US launch planned for 2021.

FM World in South America

The relatively immature market that is South America is still home to FM World products, with branches, Business Partners, and customers across Brazil.

Growth Opportunities

The success in global reach that FM World world has achieved to date does not, by any means, limit the growth potential of new Business Partners signing up today.

The reality is, in a number of established markets around the world there is still huge growth potential for aspiring FM World Distributors.

In fact, the brand is, as we speak, pushing forward with growth plans in established popularised nations, conducting official launches in other major markets, and planning new launches in markets that offer hugely significant opportunities for growth and success.

There has never been a better time to begin your FM World journey and disrupt these new and emerging markets, as the product is well known and loved; boasting a reputation of quality that is hard to replicate.

FM World in the United Kingdom

FM World is booming in the United Kingdom.

Products a hugely popular with customers around the nation and the brand’s reputation is growing stronger by the day.

While there are already a large number of FM World Business Partners throughout the UK, the market is nowhere near saturated.

There is still huge potential for building and growing a UK-based FM World team.

If you’re looking to build and grow a UK-based FM World team, you can find out more information by clicking the button below.

FM World in Australia

FM World officially launched in Australia in 2021, meaning there is massive growth potential in this market.

As the brand and products are less well known but are just as loved by early customers, it has created the perfect opportunity for FM Business Partners to grow their teams internationally and capitalise on the relatively new market.

The idea is that you put in the hard work now, building an Australian-based FM World team while the brand and its products are relatively unknown and, as they grow, you grow with them and reap the benefits.

If you’re looking to build and grow an Australian-based FM World team, you can find out more information by clicking the button below.

FM World in the United States

Looking to the future, FM World plans to launch officially in the United States in 2021.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to expand your team with US-based Business Partners and enjoy the growth that comes with it.

And, history is anything to go by, the US FM World market will likely dwarf the UK market on many metrics.

Just the sheer size of their population alone means more potential customers and more potential Business Partners to recruit.

This opportunity will be nothing short of massive.

FM World Team Structure

Although FM World has a strong focus on its product offering; prioritising product sales over the recruitment of team members, it is true that recruitment is also an important factor in your growth within the business.

Growing a strong team of Business Partners will allow you to grow your collective customer base, sell more products and, ultimately, earn more direct profit and commission payments.

It is important, however, to understand how teams are structured – and more importantly how to properly structure your team – before diving and recruiting.

In this section of the guide, we’ll take you through some basic principles of building a robust team, talk you through the various Effectiveness Level and ‘Marketing Plans’, cover some basic rules and definitions, and teach you exactly what you need to do to build a team that’ll stand the test of time and help you grow your FM World business.

Building A ‘Line-Based’ Team

The majority of FM World Business Partners will want to recruit individuals to their own team in order to achieve their full earning potential through higher commission payments.

Those team members will, in time, more than likely want to recruit their own team members so that they too can achieve higher earnings.

Their team members will, in turn, recruit their own, and so on.

This organic growth pattern leads to a naturally tiered or ‘lined’ team structure.

First Line Team Members

Your First Line consists of every individual that you have personally recruited and ‘sponsored’.

This essentially means that you’re their ‘Upline’ (the Business Partner above them in their own FM World team structure).

In turn, this makes the recruit your ‘Downline’.

These people are referred to as your ‘first lines’ or ‘line ones’.

You will earn commission from your own points and the points of your First Line team members.

FM World First Line Team Structure.

Second Line Team Members

Naturally, your Second Line consists of all of the individuals that have been personally sponsored by your First Line team members.

A Second Line team member can actually be recruited by a lead Business Partner, e.g. the person at the top of the team/structure, but strategically placed under a First Line team member in order to maximise commission earnings and create a better overall team structure.

You will earn commission from your own points, the points of your First Line team members, and the points of your Second Line team members.

FM World Second Line Team Structure.

Third Line Team Members, and so on…

You guessed it.

Third Line team members are individuals who were recruited by your Second Line team members, who were themselves recruited by your First Line team members, who in turn, were recruited by you.

In theory, this process can continue indefinitely.

Thus your Third Line team members could recruit Fourth Lines, who in turn could recruit Fifth lines, who themselves could recruit Sixth Lines, and so on.

In this scenario, you’d earn commission from your own points and the points of your:

  • First Line Team Members
  • Second Line Team Members
  • Third Line Team Members
  • Fourth Line Team Members
  • Fifth Line Team Members
  • Sixth Line Team Members

And so on…

FM World Third Line Team Structure.

Building A Flat Structure

Early on in your FM World recruitment journey, try to avoid placing new recruits under your existing First, Second, or Third Line team members, etc.

While this practice is perfectly acceptable according to FM World rules, it can run the risk of you investing your time (and recruits) in Legs (teams) that may not prove effective in the long run.

Over time, as you come to begin to understand structures better and, more importantly, your own individual structure, you’ll learn where new recruits can be placed in order to bolster your structure and maximise your commissions.

Initially though, opt for a ‘flat structure’, whereby you place each new recruit in your directly under you; making them your First Line.

Building a strong First Line is important to overall growth and progression, as you’ll see shortly when we dive into the ‘Marketing Plans’.

Moreover, it’ll allow you to identify exceptionally strong team members and, in time, reward them by placing new recruits under them, as opposed to doing so randomly from the outset and ending up in a situation whereby you’ve placed a number of recruits under an eventual inactive First Line team member.

Start with a flat line approach initially and expand downward through your Lines as your team grows.

FM World Marketing Plans

FM World’s ‘Marketing Plans’ are a way of determining a Business Partner’s Effectiveness Level and calculating their associated commissions.

As we know, a Business Partner reaches a given Effectiveness Level primarily based on the number of points accrued by their team for selling FM World products within a given month.

FM World Marketing Plans – of which there are three – essentially categorise Effectiveness Levels into groups.

Marketing Plan 1

Marketing Plan 1 is, as the name suggests, the first of three and is the plan that every new Business Partner will start on.

This plan contains Effectiveness Levels 3% – 21%.

Every new Business Partner will commence their FM World journey on 0% (having sold zero products initially, therefore having accrued zero points).

Once the new Business Partner accrues at least 300 points by selling FM World products, they’ll hit 3% Effectiveness Level and will earn commission on those points.

As the Business Partner increases their number of points, via selling more products or recruiting more team members who, in turn, sell more products, they’ll progress through the Effectiveness Levels of Marketing Plan 1, earning a higher percentage of commission each time they progress to a higher Effectiveness Level.

FM World Marketing Plan 1 Overview

Effectiveness Level No. of Group Points Monthly Commission
3% 300 – 1,199 £1.80 – £7.19
6% 1,200 – 3,599 £14.40 – £43.19
9% 3,600 – 7,199 £64.80 – £129.58
12% 7,200 – 11,999 £172.80 – £287.98
15% 12,000 – 20,399 £360.00 – £611.97
18% 20,400 – 29,999 £734.40 – £1,079.96
21% 30,000+ £1,260+

Marketing Plan 2

Once a Business Partner has completed Marketing Plan 1, they move to Marketing Plan 2 and join the Orchid Club, where Effectiveness Levels are given names, as opposed to percentages.

In order to move to Marketing Plan 2, you’ll have to accumulate a total of 20,000 Group Points and manage at least one Leg (individual) who themselves is at 21% Effectiveness Level (Marketing Plan 1).

As you can see, you’re no longer judged on points alone, but also additional criteria, such as managing team members who have hit specific Effectiveness Levels themselves.

While there may be slightly more criteria to hit, the Orchid Club is where your earnings will really start to increase.

Starting at Pearl Orchid and earning between £2,000 and £5,000 per month in commission, you’ll work your way up through each of the four Orchid Effectiveness Levels, topping out at the Diamond Orchid where you have the potential to earn upwards of £20,000 per month.

FM World Marketing Plan 2 Overview

Effectiveness Level Qualification Criteria Monthly Commission
Pearl Orchid You manage at least one Leg at the 21% Effectiveness Level.
You accumulate at least 20,000 Group Points.
£2,000 – £5,000
Amaranth Orchid You directly manage at least three Legs at the 21% Effectiveness Level. £5,000 – £10,000
Golden Orchid You manage at least three Legs at the Orchid Level, located on any Line in the Structure. £10,000 – £15,000
Diamond Orchid You manage at least five Legs at the Orchid Level, location on any Line in the Structure. £20,000+

Marketing Plan 3

Once a Business Partner has completed Marketing Plan 2 (the Orchid Club), they’ll progress on to the prestigious Star Club.

Providing you manage at least:

  • three Legs at Amaranth Orchid,
  • four at Pearl Orchid (Marketing Plan 2), and;
  • an Additional Number at 21% (Marketing Plan 1)

You’ll become a Jasper Star with an earning potential of between £37,000 and £77,750 per month in commission payments alone.

While these Effectiveness Levels may sound difficult to reach, its important to remember that, by this point, you’ll have naturally built up a large successful team who, in turn, have each built their own large and equally successful teams; thus helping you achieve these higher levels.

It’s the collective power of your team as a whole that pushes your FM World business forward and offers you unbelievable earning potential, such as Onyx Star Effectiveness Level – the highest possible level in FM World’s Marketing Plan 3 – with a monthly earning potential of upwards of £200,000.

FM World Marketing Plan 3 Overview

Effectiveness Level Qualification Criteria Monthly Commission
Jasper Star You manage at least seven Legs at Orchid Level, including:

  • At least three Legs at the Amaranth Orchid Level.
  • At least four Legs at the Pearl Orchid Level.

You have an Additional Number in your Structure at the 21% Effectiveness Level.

£37,000 – £77,750
Amethyst Star You manage at least nine Legs at Orchid Level, including:

  • At least two Legs at the Golden Orchid Level.
  • At least five Legs at the Amaranth Orchid Level.
  • At least two Legs at the Pearl Orchid Level.

You have an Additional Number in your Structure at Pearl Orchid Level.

£77,750 – £118,500
Malachite Star You manage at least eleven Legs at Orchid Level, including:

  • At least seven Legs at the Golden Orchid Level.
  • At least two Legs at the Amaranth Orchid Level.
  • At least two Legs at the Pearl Orchid Level.

You have an Additional Number in your Structure at Amaranth Orchid Level.

£118,250 – £159,250
Nephrite Star You manage at least thirteen Legs at Orchid Level, including:

  • At least two Legs at the Diamond Orchid Level.
  • At least five Legs at the Golden Orchid Level.
  • At least four legs at the Amaranth Orchid Level.
  • At least two Legs at the Pearl Orchid Level.

You have an Additional Number in your Structure at Golden Orchid Level.

£159,250 – £200,000
Onyx Star You manage at least fifteen Legs at Orchid Level, including:

  • At least three Legs at the Diamond Orchid Level.
  • At least five Legs at the Golden Orchid Level.
  • At least four legs at the Amaranth Orchid Level.
  • At least two Legs at the Pearl Orchid Level.

You have an Additional Number in your Structure at Diamond Orchid Level.

£159,250 – £200,000

Maximum Leg Rule

FM World’s ‘Max Leg’ rule, otherwise known as the ’60/40′ rule, is designed to ensure that one member of an overall team isn’t wholly propping up that team or, indeed, that member’s Upline.

It’s extremely important to understand; particularly when considering how to properly structure your FM World team.

To fully understand this rule, we’ll first cover a number of definitions:

Business Partner

An FM World Business Partner is an individual or company that can purchase FM World products at discounted prices for either:

  • their own needs, or;
  • to re-sell the products to end customers.

A Business Partner can also build an FM World team.

Upline / Sponsor

An Upline, otherwise known as a Sponsor, is a Business Partner who sponsors a new recruit’s application to join FM World, e.g. is the Business Partner directly above the recruit in the recruit’s team structure.


A Leg is an individual arm of your FM World team. It is a sub-team within your structure, led by an individual Business Partner in your first line of recruits, to whom you are the Upline/Sponsor.

Personal Points

Personal Points are the points accrued by an individual business partner for the sale of FM World products they’re personally responsible for.

Group Points

Group Points are the collective number of points accrued by a Business Partner and their team; they include the Business Partner’s Personal Points, as well as the number of points accrued by each of their team members.

The Maximum Leg | 60/40 Rule Explained

In simple terms, in order to receive the maximum possible commissions from your group points, you must try to ensure that no more than 60% of your Group Points come from a single Leg of your team, including your own points.

For example, let’s say you had a team of nine people (10 including yourself), and one of those 10 individuals was contributing 70% of your Group Points; you’re Max Leg would be 70% and your commission payments would be negatively impacted.

FM Max Leg Above 60%.

However, let’s say that each of your nine team members each contributed 10% of your Group Points, and you personally contributed the remaining 10%; your Max Leg would be 10% and your commission payments would be positively impacted.

FM Max Leg Below 60%.

This rule is designed to minimise the number of FM World teams that rely solely on the hard work and dedication of just a single team member.

It’s designed to encourage every member of the team to work equally hard in pursuit of collective gain, as opposed to a scenario in which an individual is propping up their Upline.

Chapter 7

FM World Challenges

While it is true that the FM World Business Model, and the opportunities it presents, are significantly more attractive than the average company, it would be irresponsible of me to convince you that succeeding in FM World is easy.

It’s not.

Like any career or business venture, in order to achieve success, it takes hard work, determination and time.

FM World Challenges

There are a number of areas in which you’ll need to dedicate time and effort, including:

  • Learning
  • Administration
  • Operations


Learning will undoubtedly be a big part of your FM World journey; particularly if you’re completely new to the business and its products.

While this guide covers virtually all of the information you’ll ever need to know, it’s important that you read, digest, and fully understand it in order to fully maximise your efforts and give yourself the greatest chance of success.

Like any new role, you’ll need to learn new systems (namely the FM World portal), you’ll need to learn the FM World Business Model itself (so that you can pass that knowledge on to your own future recruits), and you’ll need to learn about FM World’s product offering (so that you can inform and advise potential customers).

None of the above is overly difficult in and of itself, however, it does require a commitment to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to the task.

While time is precious to us all, the total reading time of this guide is a little over one hour, and it will have provided you with a solid foundation on which to build your business and progress your knowledge and understanding of FM World.

There are also opportunities to learn from numerous online resources, including our own dedicated FM Group and Facebook support community, where we offer real-time training and advice to our entire team.


It’s hard to find a more passive form of income than FM World, but even still, there are administrative tasks that are required in order to keep your business ticking over.

Most notably, you’ll need to keep on top of your customer orders and ensure that any products bought through yourself, are subsequently ordered through the FM World portal.

Whether you opt for shipping products directly to your customers through FM World or receive batch deliveries and ship individual orders to each customer, will depend largely on your preference between convenience and profit.

Clearly, having FM World ship each parcel to your customers individually comes with higher delivery costs, thus reducing your profit margins.

However, opting to receive batch deliveries and individually ship each order to your customers may well increase profits, but will also take up more of your time.

At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference which option you choose, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s some level of administration involved in both methods.

Ensuring your administration, such as keeping track of customer orders, placing them via the FM World portal, keeping track of deliveries and returns, etc. is on point, will help ensure that your customer service is second to none, in turn earning you more return customers and higher monthly earnings.


Lastly, you’ll need to ensure that operationally, you’re meeting your commitments to your customers and giving your business the smoothest possible path to success.

By operations, we’re talking about the practical implementation of the administrative actions, such as receiving FM World batch deliveries, individually packaging customer orders, transporting those orders to the Post Office, dealing with refunds and returns, etc.

Your knowledge (learning), administration, and most importantly, your operations will likely mean the difference between success and failure, even more so than your ability to sell and recruit.

An effortless and enjoyable customer experience is the most important part of any business, and as such, operations should feature highly on your priority list on your road to FM World success.

Chapter 8

FM World Training & Support

One of the most important factors in achieving success in FM World is having a great team around you and a dedicated, knowledgeable Upline (team leader) who provides thorough, easy-to-digest, and interesting training and support.

Not one that barely interacts with you and provides little or no help and support.

That’s the reason why it’s so important to choose your team (and Upline) wisely.

FM World Training & Support

We provide a range of help and support via our FM Group, which offers structured training on all elements of the FM World Business Model, step-by-step tutorials on key activities such as placing orders, live Q&A sessions with successful FM World Business Partners, general business advice, and ongoing support.

Our team members have access to best-in-class training and support because we know that effective training makes an effective team.

It goes without saying that we want all of our team members to be successful, so we invest a significant amount of time and resources into making that happen through our tailored community and a supportive team.

With FM Fragrances, you’ll have free and unrestricted access to some of the best training materials and resources available in our industry, as will your future team members, helping ensure that you can hit your goals, earn that residual income, nab yourself that company car, escape on that exotic company retreat, become your own boss, and achieve that financial freedom.

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