FM Perfume Reviews

The Definitive Review of FM World and FM Fragrances

In this article, I’ll be highlighting reviews from real FM World customers and Business Partners alike.

I’ll also be reviewing the FM World business model, determining whether you can actually make money from selling FM perfumes.

If you’re looking for FM Fragrance reviews – whether that’s to buy or to start selling – you’re in the right place.

Let’s jump straight in…

FM Perfume Reviews
Google Reviews

FM Perfume Reviews

If there’s one place you can trust when it comes to customer reviews, it’s Google.

Below I’ve listed some examples of FM Perfume Reviews taken directly from Google itself.

To summarise the review below, customers seem to be happy with their FM perfume orders, as well as the customer service they received.

Pretty much all reviews were consistent in that they wouldn’t pay ‘full price’ for designer brands again.

Take a look…

FM Perfume Reviews

Along with her five-star Google review, Karen literally says “5-star product”.

She loves the value for money and says she can’t tell the difference between the FM perfume she reviewed and the designer brands.

Unfortunately for those brands, she also said she won’t be paying designer price tags again.

Karen Rice Avatar - FM Fragrances Google Review

“Excellent value for money, I could not tell the difference between FM and the real perfume. I won’t be paying full price again. 5-star product”

Karen Rice



Callum’s FM fragrances review didn’t just rave about the products or the price, but about the customer service, too.

He’s recommended numerous family and friends as FM World customers and vows never to pay “full price again”.

Another five-star Google review for FM Fragrances.

Callum Lamb Avatar - FM Fragrances Google Review

“Great fragrances. Never paying full price again. Thanks for the great customer service. Will definitely recommend you to friends and family.”

Callum Lamb



Vicky is in love with FM Fragrances and this comes across in her review and recommendation.

Again, she mimics what other reviewers have said in that she won’t be “paying brand prices again”.

Another happy customer.

Vicky Cowling Avatar - FM Fragrances Google Review

“Absolutely love these fragrances…..I use Coco Chanel and you can’t tell them apart. I’ve got a few others and there’s no chance I’ll be paying brand prices anymore when I can get the same fragrance for a quarter of the price…..”

Vicky Cowling


Now you’ve seen all of the FM perfume reviews that Google has to offer, you can make your own mind up on whether you’d like to give FM Fragrances a try.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about FM Fragrances on Google, you can check out the FM Fragrances Google My Business (GMB) Listing.

Facebook Reviews

FM Fragrance Reviews

Facebook is another online platform where reviews can be trusted.

The FM Fragrance reviews below are pretty consistent in that the customers seem to love their FM perfumes.

Almost all of them comment on how ‘long-lasting’ the fragrances are and, of course, they all make a note of how amazing they smell.

Have a look for yourself…

FM Fragrance Reviews

Here’s a five-star FM perfume review from Gemma.

She loves FM 18 and said it lasts on the skin for at least six hours.

Gemma Lane Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review

“I absolutely love the no 18 chanel Coco, and the scent last at least a good 6hrs”

Gemma Lane



Allison also left a five-star review on her favourite FM perfume, FM 05.

She says she now uses it daily and doesn’t feel guilty as it’s so affordable.

Allison Rix Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review

“My no 5 Gucci Rush is now my everyday fragrance, absolutely love it”

Allison Rix



Sarah loves FM 806 and provided an amazing FM perfume review, too.

Again, the review was five-star rated because her perfume “smells amazing and lasts all day”.

Sarah Girling Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review

“I love number 806 j’adore joy, smells amazing and lasts all day”

Sarah Girling



Krystle loves FM 910 (my personal favourite, too) and even left a nice photo of her bottle on her FM fragrance review.

This unisex fragrance is only available in FM World’s luxury Pure Royal Collection and smells absolutely amazing – my words, not Krystle’s.

She does love the fragrance, though, and says it is “so long-lasting”.

Krystle Sullivan Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review

“FM World products are amazing, 910 Baccarat Rouge 540 is my favourite ever! So long-lasting as well”

Krystle Sullivan


Now you’ve checked out some of the FM Fragrances reviews on Facebook, hopefully, you’re a little comfortable with the FM World brand and level of service.

If you’d like to take a closer look, however, check out the FM Fragrances Facebook Page.

Business Model Review

FM World Reviews

In this chapter, we’re going to look at some FM World reviews.

Not just focusing on the fragrances themselves, but on the business model more generally.

More importantly, we’ll assess whether people are happy with their move into FM World.

And, of course, whether any money can actually be made by selling FM products.

Let’s dive in…

FM World Reviews

Now that we’ve covered FM perfume reviews in detail, we’re going to look at the FM World business model itself.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Someone signs up as an FM World Business Partner
  2. As a Business Partner, they’re eligible for discounts on products.
  3. They promote their FM World business to friends, family, social media, and anyone else who’ll listen.
  4. Customers place orders with them and pay Catalogue Price (full price).
  5. The Business Partner purchases the customer’s product from FM World at the discounted Business Partner Price.
  6. The Business Partner sends the order to the customer and pockets the difference between what the customer paid (Catalogue Price) and what they paid (Business Partner Price), also known as Direct Profit.

In essence, it’s that simple and not too dissimilar to a store buying in bulk from wholesalers at a discounted price and selling on to the end-customer for a higher price – the difference is their margin.

Where FM World diverges from this traditional model is its distribution network – its army of Business Partners around the globe. Or, more specifically, its multi-level marketing model that interconnects all of those Business Partners.

You see, in addition to Direct Profit on each product they sell, Business Partners also accumulate points for every sale they make.

Each product has an associated points value and these points add up each month.

Among other factors, these points determine a Business Partner’s commission (the other type of payment a Business Partner receives from FM World).

The more points a Business Partner builds, the more commission they get.

But, Business Partners can also recruit team members of their own – new Business Partners that they sign up under themselves.

When those new Business Partners sell products and accumulate points for those sales, FM World also gives those points to the recruiting Business Partner.

As a Business Partner’s team grows, and their team’s sales (and points) also grow, you can imagine how this can quickly add up.

Eventually, a Business Partner will likely be earning from both Direct Profit and commission.

With that said, the big question is ‘how much money can you make from selling FM perfume?

The short answer is anywhere between £1 and £100,000+.

Sounds dramatic, I know. But, it’s true.

If you’d like to find out more about FM World earning potential, you can follow our month-by-month FM World Case Study, where we go into detail on exactly how much we’ve earned through FM World.

Let’s take a look at some real FM World reviews from real FM World Business Partners…

FM World Business Partner Reviews

Amy is a seasoned FM World Business Partner veteran and has a team of almost 1,000 people.

As her FM World review can attest, she joined with low expectations and has gained more than she ever thought possible.

She started selling FM perfumes for some spare cash and she ended up making a full-time secondary income.

She loves the company and is an amazing team leader and brand advocate.

Amy Bentley Avatar - FM Fragrances Google Review


“I joined FM World in 2020 and I haven’t looked back since.

FM perfumes are amazing and smell just like your favourite designer brands, without the designer price tag.

The extra cash I’ve earned through FM World in direct profits, as well as commission payments, has really helped me through a tough last 12 months.

I’m excited to be working with FM Fragrances and I’m confident that their customer-focused approach is going to serve them well as an official FM World Distributor in the future.”

Amy Bentley



Adrian is a new FM World Business Partner and member of the FM Fragrances Team.

He was unbelievably pleased with the training and support he’d received since joining and had placed two customer orders in as many days.

He’s already made instant cash profit on every bottle he sold.

Adrian John Shawcroft Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review


“I’m new to this and the video on how to set up was a God send to get your 30 day offers. Fantastic. 1st order in.

The people in the group and running the group are extremely helpful and friendly, and the FB page is easy to Navigate and find things. Thank you.

Not forgetting team support via text from the FM UK team.

Outstanding. Excited for my first 2 orders.”

Adrian John Shawcroft



Rachel loves FM 912 – one of our most popular fragrances.

In her FM Perfume Review, Rachel says people regularly comment on her FM scent and enquire about joining FM World – that’s how good it smells!

In fact, this is what made Rachel become an FM World Business Partner herself – now she gets these amazing fragrances at discounted prices, too.

Again, the long-lasting nature of FM World fragrances is a recurring theme in our reviews, with Rachel saying it “lasts all day”.

Rachel Coutler Avatar - FM Perfume Facebook Review


“I love number 912. Fragrance lasts all day and always get questioned about what I am wearing. This fragrance and all the questions is what made me join FM world myself and I am so glad I did”

Rachel Coulter




So, there you have it…

All of the FM perfume reviews you could ever need.

Now, it’s time for you to make your own mind up by trying your first fragrance from the FM World Shop or by joining FM World to make some extra cash yourself.

Still looking for more info? No problem, check out The Thrifty Island Girl for a killer in-depth product review.

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